Mike Perry - Racing Driver Management 

 As you have found my little corner of the interweb I imagine you are interested in Motorsport and are either someone looking to become a racing driver or an established driver. 


We are currently doing a little rethink on our web presence but are very happy to offer any advice we can. If you are a young driver chasing the dream, we cannot land you the dream sposnor, but if you do have a budget (of any level) we can advise you how to best spend it and not waste it! 


If you have the level of talent, work ethic and drive needed to get to the upper echelons of the sport, you still need a budget. Dont let anyone fool you this is not the case, if you have been karting and a big player has not signed you this does not mean you cant establish a decent career but it does mean you probably wont get to F1 or Indycar, unless you have a significant budget available to you. 


The marketplace for racing drivers is now more competitive than ever, as the increased homoginisation of all single seater series and GT customer racing programs mean you as a driver have to be even better to make a difference. 


If you would like further information of what and how we do things please e mail me info@racingdrivermanagement.com with details of your age, achievements and available budget and I will happily advise if we can help and the fees we charge. 


Mike Perry